The world needs YOU.

Not the full-of-fear and doubt you, the "who am I?" you...

but the you the Universe meant for you to be.

No more hiding, no more waffling. It's time. This is your opportunity to shift. To Become Your Own Guru.

To Unleash Your Inner Wisdom + Stand In Your Power.

Many of us have lost connection with our own intuitive guidance. Somewhere along the way our inner GPS wiring got crossed. So we look outward  -- to books, classes, teachers, Facebook posts-- for answers, guidance, salvation. Or we bury ourselves, seeking solace -- in work, relationships, a bottle of wine -- hoping the world will just leave us alone, masking the pain of our unlived soul's calling.

We don’t see our ourselves for what we are all truly capable of -- as spiritual healers, sages and mystics - inextricably linked to the wisdom and guidance that has been available to man + womankind for centuries. We aren’t trusting and regularly calling upon this intelligence stored in our cells, inherited through the ages from our ancestors and the hard-won reward from our own personal life challenges. We fall into the trap of searching outward, when often the one, true answer, is to be found inside. The time has come for us to connect with our intuition and our own powerful sacred nature so we can live our soul’s purpose and claim the life we were destined for.

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To assist you on this journey to self, we’ve created...

Be Your Own Guru

Call it a movement, an apprenticeship, an adventure, an "online class", Be Your Own Guru is an intimate experience, an initiation to a deeper relationship with your soul.

Whether you are a coach, a healer, entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent or working in a corporate job, we are all here to make an impact, from wherever we stand. If you feel the need for something more, something beyond what you might even believe possible, this is what we wish to ignite in you.

This is not your typical “online class”. Instead think of it as a soulful gathering, a meeting of kindred souls. The result could quite literally change the way you experience life.  


NOTE: This course is not defined by any religious or spiritual path. It is designed to help you determine your OWN path, integrating and utilizing whatever practices, beliefs or methodologies you already embrace in your life and enhance your experience.

This 9-week journey is led by Laura Gates + Sarah H Nicotra to help you reclaim your power and harness your intuition so you are free to contribute your gifts and talents in the world. We begin Sunday,  January 12, 2014 and end on March 9, 2014.

"Thanks to my work with you, I want to be completely unapologetically who I am, myself, ME!" -Lisa J., 3rd Assistant Director Film and TV, Healer and Aspiring Life Coach

Be Your Own Guru is designed to help you:

  • Develop your intuition (you'll be on your way to mastery)
  • Gain a deeper sense of clarity + confidence on your path
  • Connect with and learn from others (you are not alone!)
  • Embrace life's challenges in a calmer, more centered way
  • Learn to sink into your body and access its wisdom
  • Listen deeply to the Universe and how Spirit communicates with you
  • Notice and attune yourself to the synchronicity of life
  • Harness your ancestral heritage
  • Learn and apply ancient spiritual tools in a modern context
  • Solidify your inner authority

We are inviting you along for a 9 week immersion in layers-deep conversations, intuition + energy medicine, universal spirituality, and down-to-earth approaches to integrating your mind, body, heart and soul.

Meet your Midwives

laura frances gates
sarah nicotra

The Catalyst:

Laura Gates, MIM, Executive Leadership Coach and Spiritual Mentor. Her ultimate gift is catapulting others into realizing and embodying their full potential. She's has walked the line between the grounded, practical world of business (a former Wall Street banker, 6-figure entrepreneur, leadership coach and trainer to high level corporate and government executives) and the more subtle energy world of spirit for nearly 20 years. She’s studied with indigenous healers and shamans from around the world and has a Master’s Certificate in Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®. You can read more about her, here.

The Container:

Sarah H Nicotra, MTP, MAOM, Master Energy Healer is a Sensitive Strategist for smart, heart-aligned entrepreneurs and seekers on the personal journey. Her ultimate gift is the hold beneath the hold, i.e. fully supporting sensitive creatures as they navigate the full spectrum of being human + creating and building a digital business. She's a rare combination of zippy tech skills, creativity and powerful intuition. You can read more about her, here.

Together we provide a refreshing blend of . . .

substance, practicality, depth, humor, and dare we say wisdom? We do! Our harmonious partnership provides a powerful push towards the birth of a new connected, confident, intuitive you. The ultimate gift of this work is progress towards embodying your soul without sacrificing your most precious parts.

Intuition is a skill, something alive with in us all.

Whether you are just beginning to explore your intuition and sacred connection to the Universe or you are more seasoned, inching towards mastery, Be Your Own Guru may be right for you. We begin Jan 12, 2014 and the course runs for 9 weeks, ending on March 9. 2014.


The BYOG Experience Includes...

9 Weeks of Transformational Content + Activation

Each week we will gently release content to you in various formats: audio, video, creative assignments + written lessons, all delivered in our cozy, private online "classroom." 

There are two distinct phases of our journey together. Part of our strength is responding to what is alive in the group, consequently this adventure is outlined and delivered to accommodate to your needs.

“You cannot fill a cup which is overflowing” ― Zen proverb

Phase 1:  Activate + Unleash Your Intuition

  • Everything is Energy
  • Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries
  • You are NOT alone, and you are NOT crazy
  • Listening to the whispers (or 2x4’s) from the Universe
  • Decoding your “sign language”
  • What it means to live in Present Time
  • Grappling with fear + ego
  • Being in our bodies
  • The power of Nature
  • Owning your Authority (how not to be a victim of circumstance, Scarlett)
  • The BYOG Experiment – learning to be still, empty out, listen and trust

“If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's” ― Joseph Campbell

Phase 2: Embody Your Inner Wisdom + Soul's Purpose

  • Symbolism, Universal myths and consciousness
  • The Power of Story
  • Everyday Sacred
  • Decoding your “Soul’s Purpose”
  • Ancestral wisdom and guidance
  • Spiritual wisdom and guidance
  • Human guidance – discernment
  • Integrity and Wholeness – being sovereign in our energy
  • Being vs. Doing our Purpose
  • Gathering the Tribe – creating a structure for support
  • Launching oneself, making it real, whatever the “it” might be

Community Calls

Each Sunday we will host a 90 minute community gathering call @ NOON EST/ 9am PST. These calls will be experiential and interactive so attendance is highly encouraged, however recordings will be provided for those who are unable to attend live.

Engaged Mentors + Connection + Community

We believe in being fully engaged with you during this time. Our social FaceBook community is private, safe, and supportive. This is your safe haven for ongoing support, guidance, coaching, camaraderie with fellow apprentices and listening ears. If you are not comfortable using Facebook we will help guide you there, it is a true gem to convene with your fellow travelers.

Creative Learning + Real Life Integration

While this experience happens online, it will overlap into your life in many real ways, this is the mark of a truly transformational program. This course will provide you opportunities to learn, experiment, experience, and integrate transformative concepts that will alter your entire Self (mind, body, heart and soul).

Incredible Guest Contributors

Angeles Arrien, PhD.

Angeles Arrien is a true wisdom teacher of our time, a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator, and consultant to many organizations and businesses. She lectures and conducts workshops worldwide, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology, and comparative religions. She is the President of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. Her books have been translated into thirteen languages and she has received three honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of her work. For our class she will share aspects of her Four-Fold Way™ training for integrating modern approaches and ancient traditions to increase human effectiveness and leadership. We will explore practices to come into our full potential based on her powerful cross-cultural teachings. This will be recorded in January and available for download on the password protected site.

Sandra Ingerman, MA

Sandra Ingerman, MA, a leader in the shamanic community and author of 8 books including Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth. Sandra was chosen as one of the Top Ten Spiritual Leaders of 2013 in the November/December Issue of Spirituality and Health and has a whole host of noteworthy contributions and offerings. Sandra will join us live on Feb 9th to contribute authentic, grounded wisdom on healing ourselves and the planet.

Catriona MacGregor

Catriona is a spiritual teacher who helps people find greater meaning in their own lives, through Vision Quests, Nature & Spirit Quests and Retreats, and Nature Based Journeys & Rituals. Catriona is the award winning author of "Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth" which won a Gold Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in 2011. She has a Doctor of Divinity and a Masters in Science Degree (Habitat Management) and has rehabilitated hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals. She will share her gifts on bridging the connection between nature and people, vision quests and connecting with spirit guides.

Laura Genoway, MIM

Founder of Inner Illumination will gift us with grounding recorded meditation to anchor our process. A teacher at the Academy of Intuition Medicine, she is a Spiritual Coach, Certified Intuition Medicine® Consultant, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Aromatherapist. She does Subtle Energy (Aura, Chakras and Grounding) Reading, Clearing and Balancing, including including Akashic Records, Relationship Contracts, Personal Path and Life Patterns / Themes.

+ Surprise Bonuses

Expect a few surprises along with our carefully honed, tried and tested library of recommended resources (books, articles, poems, websites, teachers, healers, guides) for you to avail yourself of during the course.

byog testimonial

This journey is right for you, if: 

  • you hear the whispers of your soul, you sense there is something more.... out there? in there? but you need help finding your way
  • you are ready to commit to a different way of a life, a more sacred life
  • you identify with being sensitive and easily impacted by the energy of people, places, and things
  • you are tuned into the energy or vibe of things but you're not sure how to manage/ shield or navigate it
  • you enjoy personal stories + having a good time
  • you value learning in a supportive, experiential environment
  • you’re ready to take responsibility for your own journey, outside of blame, judgement and victimhood
  • want to lead your life versus be in reaction to life’s events

This journey is not right for you, if: 

  • the energy of possibility is not alive in you
  • you don't want to explore engaging with a greater spiritual energy
  • you're not in a place in your life for new learning
  • you're looking for the “quick fix” solution to life’s problems
  • you’re comfortable where you are and not really interested in change

What you can expect to takeaway from your BYOG experience...

  • activate + awaken your inner authority and intuition
  • identify and access sacred guidance for daily life
  • create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • integrate and implement the essence of various spiritual teachings (i.e no formulas or modalities)
  • navigate life transitions with ease and grace
  • restore your vibrancy + unleash your creativity
  • understand + manage + capitalize on being highly sensitive and empathic
  • cultivate meaning + connection + community
  • decode dreams, myths, symbols, and signs
  • leverage the power of storytelling + creating meaning in your life
  • birth a new aspect of yourself

You can listen to the replay of our BYOG preview call here for a good taste of what you'll experience...

About Laura + Sarah

Laura and Sarah offer a combined 30+ years experience in leadership development, personal transformation and a variety of healing modalities and spiritual practices grounded in every day simplicity. We are midwives and champions of the soul who excel at creating a safe landing place for you to learn and explore, to call forth your soul and practice an entirely new way of being. We will get under your skin and challenge you to reclaim your power and transform your experience of life. We don't promise happiness, only that you'll come home to yourself- and that's what we believe you are looking for. This is sacred work and our clients experience powerful shifts and breakthroughs resulting in transformation and healing while receiving support and encouragement from a network of like-minded, heart-centered women.

Listen to what past participants had to say about their experience and what shifted for them:

"Since BYOG this past winter, some pretty big things have shifted for me. First, I manage my energy so much better than I ever have in my 48 years. I clear, protect and ground myself all the time now. As a result, I feel clearer and healthier. The migraines that I used to get all the time ... hardly ever! Second, I trust my inner knowing so much more. I don't look for answers so much outside of myself anymore. I ask inside for answers, for signs. I hear, see and feel the answers. BYOG has been a life changing course for me that continues to reverberate in positive ways."  — Maureen C.

"In the rush and minding bending world we live in it is sometimes difficult to find the pause or even the reset button in life. Be Your Own Guru created a practical check in point, a waiting room of glorious sensations, a place between heaven and earth. A place where two midwives attended to my needs and desires to find a sense of peace, balance and security from the mind driven, fear- based reality and realign with the heart-felt, love-based consciousness that is only a breath away.

So what changed for me by joining this course?

  • I found a tribe of like-minded, heart-driven women and men.
  • I could set aside rational contemplations of spirituality and lived it out by testing our energetic bridges and expansive loving consciousness.
  • I reconnected with the earth and aligned myself with not only a greater good but a greater version of myself.
  • I literally saw more signs in nature.
  • I made decisions based on a loving universe instead of fears, including changing the school for my children and selling our house. Sometimes, what is known and uncomfortable creates a sickly comfort and this course jump started an engine of positive discomfort of change for the better.
  • Ultimately, it was a course of remembrance to love and all the possibilities love has to offer. The negativity and drama we hold onto has no place in the counsel of light. Our bodies suffer under the weight of the negative tracks we replay and Be Your Own Guru gave the opportunity to re-evaluate what baggage is essential for the next step in spiritual evolution…at the end of the course my bags became quite small." —Laura K.

“Prior to taking Be Your Own Guru, I’d been a self-growth junkie since I was 17 ... looking to many different teachers and many different spiritual traditions. In all these years, I’d never done much work on an energetic and intuitive level, even though I’ve always been super-sensitive. BYOG gave me tools, support and the mentoring I needed to dive into this area. During the course, I gained so much insight into my own energetic life and my own intuition. I had many light bulb moments about how this has been showing up for me throughout my life. Priceless! Sarah and Laura lovingly held the space that made this possible while sharing tools and knowledge. No finer guides on the journey. ”  — BYOG Past Participant

“Together Laura and Sarah provide a perfect combination, each of their individual gifts and experiences combining to create a rich and deep experience to help guide us to become more confident in our own knowing and our ability to follow our own path. Above all - they feel real, they are completely honest about their own struggles and failings, and they use their own gifts generously.” — BYOG Past Participant

“I want to thank Laura Gates and Sarah Hutchison Nicotra for creating such a nurturing space for us. Great shifts have happened for me. Hmmm...breaking through some of my resistance stuff.”  — Naomi W.

“Sarah and Laura have a wonderful way of gently nudging, pushing and challenging my old ideas with their experience, stories and openness. This beautiful class will expand your heart, mind and soul!”   — BYOG Past Participant 

Ready to jump on board?

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We believe in providing supreme quality and value at an accessible price and we stand by the integrity of our offering. If you are not FULLY satisfied with this experience we guarantee a 100% reimbursement of your payment within the first two weeks.

Also please note that when you purchase and participate in BYOG you consent to our legal + terms. Effectively you acknowledge that Laura and Sarah are merely guides who facilitate learning and the deepening of your own intuition. At no point in time should you abandon common sense, your own intuition or substitute class material for traditional, conventional or therapeutic approaches to wellness. "Intuition Medicine" and "Energy Medicine" are simply reasonable terms for self-healing techniques and they do not treat, diagnosis or cure any ailment, disease or condition. Please click here to read our full legal disclosure.